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About Us

Hi, I'm Emmanuelle from France, the founder of Sojoourn. Together with Zsofi from Hungary, as the community manager, we want to create a welcoming community for expats and French people who lived abroad.

From personal experience, we know how difficult it is to move to another country. We are passionate about making expatriates feel home in Lyon and helping them to build their personal and professional networks. Everybody is welcome, join us!

You can meet us every Friday afternoon at the juice bar Fruisy Garibaldi next to the round shaped parking of Les Halles Paul Bocuse. - Suspended due to Covid restrictions  

See you soon.

The Sojoourn Team,

Why You Should Join the Sojoourn Club

We empower expats and entrepreneurs to succeed in their integration in France. Freshly arrived or not, connect with fellow like-minded expats, build your personal and professional network, and feel home in Lyon. 

Exclusive resources and events made available only for members. Get free access to our famous ApéroExpats and CaféExpats events, exclusive offers on our French courses, and huge discounts on other events and services of trusted partners. We guide you through the French bureaucracy system, help you with your administrative paperwork and connect you with English-speaking experts

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